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Crucial Conversations: Difficult conversations with employees, co- workers and management

This practical, solution-oriented training leads you through some of the most common as well as the most serious employee problems you and your staff are likely to encounter. Covering everything from substandard performance reviews to personal hygiene to termination meetings, this class helps managers treat their people with dignity, focusing not just on what to say but how to say it. This helpful training provides proven techniques managers can use to protect themselves and their organizations...and get the very best from their people.

We give step-by-step actionable tools to have those tough conversations with less stress and more success. You'll learn how to:

The training’s impact is a much bigger idea than simple communication--it's all about effective human interaction and getting results with people.

The Leadership Question: valuing input from unexpected places by knowing who and what to ask

Whether you are a seasoned leader at the top of your game or a newcomer to leadership, this training will change the way you look at questions and improve your leadership skills. Wise leaders know the hidden truth—great questions unlock doors and increase opportunities.

Questions can facilitate confidence, wise decision-making and crystal-clear focus in work and life.

Have you ever asked? Am I investing in myself? Am I staying in my strength zone? Am I spending time with the right people?

Have you ever asked your team: What do you think? What do you need? What did you learn? What do I need to know? What do we need to be successful? What can I do to help?

Do you want to know:
** How does leadership work?
** How do I get started in leadership?
** How can I succeed as a leader?

** How do I resolve conflict?

This training provides the answers and these tools:

Knowing the right questions to ask and the right way to listen will give any leader the skills to perform well in any situation, effectively communicate a vision to the team, and achieve lasting success across the organization. All companies can strengthen their cultures by making them question-friendly. Leaders must model the way, promote values that support inquiry, ensure a safe environment that permits challenging, find opportunities to ask questions, reward questioners, and make training available when needed.

How to communicate - How to connect

Anyone can learn how to make every communication an opportunity for a powerful connection.

The ability to connect with others is a major determining factor in reaching your full potential. Connecting is an essential skill you can learn and apply in your personal, professional, and family relationships.

This training provides Principles and Practices to develop the crucial skill of connecting through effective communication including:

Those who build great companies understand that the ultimate growth for any great company is not markets, or technology, or competition, or products, it is great communication. The ability to build and maintain a good relationship is the key. You do that by connecting with people in all aspects of life.

Death by meetings and other ways to kill your company: The Company cure

The business meeting—a necessary evil or a vital and invigorating component of running an organization? What would your employees say?

When asked a huge percentage view team meetings as akin to a court proceeding or a trial or going to see the principal.

How many times have you heard the term, "I can't get anything done because I'm always in meetings." Sounds logical right? Meetings should not be considered problems, they should be opportunities. Meetings don't have to be a death walk, they can inspire, challenge, and bring problems out in the open to be resolved.

How many times have you dreaded going to a meeting either because you viewed it as a waste of time or because you weren’t prepared? A study found that most professionals believe that over 50 percent of meeting time is wasted. More than 90 percent admit to daydreaming in meetings.

This training provides a wide range of practical tips for not only planning a meeting but how to conduct the event. It outlines how you best prepare your content and present it and demonstrate full engagement and leadership. As a guide for prepping yourself for big business meetings this class provides a great outline of the key elements you need to know.

Tools and Techniques covered:

We show how to design every aspect of a meeting—from the way you greet people at the beginning to how you sum up at the end—so that real work actually gets done.

I work with a Jerk: Any day we can all be jerks

This training is very helpful in understanding the people who work for you and your relationship with them as well as their relationships with each other, also supervisors who are in conflict with other managers.

We address the jerks and bullies at work who demean, criticize, and sap the energy of others, often directed toward their underlings. It could be the notorious bad boss or the jealous coworker, but everyone agrees that they make life miserable for their victims and create a hostile and emotionally stifling environment.


From the occasional bad day(s) to the constant offender we cover the behaviors that are too often tolerated until irreparable damage is done to individuals and the organization as a whole. Learning to identify the type, to dealing with them as well and what one should do if they believe you are actually the ‘jerk’.

Tools and Techniques:

This class provides terrific strategies for dealing with jerks, whether you are in management and want to weed them out, or are unfortunate enough to be working with them or under them.

Competition and Collaboration: Working with Generations and Genders

Are you annoyed with your co-workers and frustrated with your staff? Don’t understand how they think, act, and communicate—especially the twentysomethings who ask questions all the time and want confirmation that they’re doing great?

All these difficult people may be nothing more than diverse demographics. Friction among  Traditionalists, Boomers, Xers, and Millennials has spiked, as four distinct generations are tossed  side by side, cubicle by cubicle—and nobody speaks the same language.

One big challenge for many of today's businesses is the difficulty to navigate in a truly diverse workplace made up of people of different cultures, genders, ages and social groupings. But understanding our cultural and social differences is a major key to a high-performing, merit-based work environment. In the global marketplace, it's more important than ever that we understand and are conscious of our differences to work together effectively.  It is not simply about accepting others—it's about ensuring a level playing field for everyone and building an organization that gets the best from all its people.

This training offers:

 This course is for anyone struggling to manage a workforce with different ways of working, communicating, and thinking.

Enjoying your job: Earning satisfaction in the workplace and the advantage of being happy

From millennials to baby boomers, every day hundreds of thousands of people are faced with dissatisfaction in the workplace. This essential course is improving job satisfaction without making a career change.

We provide step-by-step exercises and real-life examples to help individuals uncover and address the deep-rooted causes of their unhappiness. This training is a must for anyone who wants to live a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

Step-by-step tips for revitalizing your career


In this course, you will learn to:

Finding passion, value, and genuine satisfaction in the job you do is rare yet eminently desirable—and obtainable.  Our training provides insightful, practical advice that will work for anyone, whatever the field, whatever the life stage, whatever the circumstances.

 Today as jobs are a precious commodity and as people live longer, there's ever more desire to get the most out of the hours we spend at work. This course can help you cure the career blahs, tackle serious burnout, and get your spark back.

Organizational Behavior: Improving performance and commitment

The importance of improving and maintaining employees’ psychological health is now widely recognized by occupational health researchers and practitioners, business leaders, human resource professionals, and policy makers alike. Indeed, a growing body of research has established that psychological well-being is one of the most important factors in job performance.

This course offers an evidence-based workplace training program based on acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT). The program is specifically designed to improve employees’ psychological health—as well as their effectiveness at work and in their personal lives—through a combination of mindfulness and values-guided behavioral skills. This training is designed for use by psychologists, coaches, occupational health practitioners, and human resource professionals who are interested in improving employee well-being, performance, and quality of life.

The training program is designed to:

If you want to produce results for your own performance and the organization for which you work, following his sound behavioral practices will help you accomplish your goals.

Women in the workplace: Success and Leadership

It's time for women to take their places as leaders at the head of the table alongside men. Why? Because the skills you developed at the foot of the table—bringing people together, building bridges across differences, and thinking outside the box—are in great demand.

Nothing is more vital for women than learning how to negotiate from your strengths.

The path to the executive suite remains torturous for women. The testing can be prolonged, the scrutiny intense. Will she really have the "right stuff" when the going gets rough? Do you believe you do?

This course offers a practical guide for any woman dealing with a demanding role isolating the key challenges:

For each challenge, tips on avoiding common traps and then laying out the strategic moves that position you for success.

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