Summit Conflict Resolutions and Trainings (Summit) specializes in your conflict be it at home, in the workplace or community.  We offer different types of services and trainings that focus on how to deal with conflict in the best way possible.  Our team is made up of professionals in various areas that bring their expertise together to help you bridge the gap of conflict in your life or business.

Summit provides classes in mediation training and conflict resolution skills. We educate qualified mediators in family, divorce and child custody, elder care, peer mediation, small claims, civil and workplace conflict resolution.  We are known for our leadership and team trainings to increase cooperation in the work environment and workplace productivity and your bottom line.

Summit also offers counseling services, mediation services, family workshops and leadership and team building workshops for your business.

Whether you have been ordered by the courts to mediation or have sought out mediation on your own, we can help.  Anyone involved in litigation should mediate first or at least during the process before the final rulings are handed down from the judge and courts while you still have a say in the outcome.    

We guide you through the process of reaching an agreement that you have worked out as partners in the procedure, an agreement that you all can live by since you came to it together. Mediation is quick and confidential allowing relationships as well as reputations to remain intact or perhaps to be even better than before.

Our practice is person to person, person to business, business to business or neighborhood and community. We also work with families in conflict.

Our Group consists of highly trained and qualified mediators who have achieved the rank of Court Approved Mediators by the Administrative Office of the Courts for the state of Kentucky and can be found on the state roster of court approved mediators.

Our trainings can be held at your location, our training facility or can be held at an offsite retreat. We will help you put together the right program to fit your specific needs.