The Leadership Question Corporate Training


The Leadership Question:

Valuing Input from Unexpected Places by Knowing

Who and What to Ask

Whether you are a seasoned leader at the top of your game or a newcomer to leadership, this training will change the way you look at questions and improve your leadership skills. Wise leaders know the hidden truth—great questions unlock doors and increase opportunities.

Questions can facilitate confidence, wise decision-making and crystal-clear focus in work and life.

Have you ever asked? Am I investing in myself? Am I staying in my strength zone? Am I spending time with the right people?

Have you ever asked your team: What do you think? What do you need? What did you learn? What do I need to know? What do we need to be successful? What can I do to help?

Do you want to know:

This training provides the answers and these tools:

Knowing the right questions to ask and the right way to listen will give any leader the skills to perform well in any situation, effectively communicate a vision to the team, and achieve lasting success across the organization. All companies can strengthen their cultures by making them question-friendly. Leaders must model the way, promote values that support inquiry, ensure a safe environment that permits challenging, find opportunities to ask questions, reward questioners, and make training available when needed.

* Cost is per person.  Training can be a half-day or full-day and can be held on- or off-site.  Additional cost may be incurred if held off-site or travel expenses are needed to reach your location. Please contact us with any questions or to receive a customized quote.

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